Magnet School Preparation

The Magnet School Preparation Program provides students the dance technique requirement for admission to dance magnet programs. This program will emphasize rigorous dance training in ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Dance Technique, Conditioning, repertory, and choreography.  Participants will demonstrate enough knowledge of technique to prepare for the audition.  A minimum of one year of training is required to obtain good results.  Artistry and talent are a plus. 

The following Dance classes are assigned for the Magnet Dance Preparation: 2x Ballet. 1x Contemporary. 1x Conditioning, 1x Acro class, and participation in at least 1 dance performance.

Most Magnet Dance Programs have the following requirements:


  • Participation in Ballet, Modern Dance Classes
  • Solo Performance Choreography
  • A potential for trainable growth 
  • Physical/movement techniques, including coordination, strength, and flexibility
  • Rhythmic sensibility and musicality 
  • A serious commitment to dance 
  • Criteria are based on movement, musicality, and expressiveness
  • Consider including jumps, turns, extensions, as well as good use of space and change in levels
  • A serious commitment to dance