Hip Hop Dance Classes

Creativo Dance Studio in Miami is proud to provide Hip Hop Dance Classes for Children, Teens, and Adults. Our Hip Hop Dance Instructors are among the best and have the experience to provide Hip Hop Dance classes for beginners to advanced students.

At Creativo Dance Studio we offer fun Hip Hop Classes. These classes are a combination of the Street Dance and Hip Hop techniques. We introduce participants to fast paced movements, while they learn Hip Hop Dance techniques. This is a physical fitness class that includes gracious and fun dance choreography. This class introduces challenging Hip-hop steps and more complex choreography. Students continue learning technique and fast movements while exploring with creative movements. Students will participate in an end of year performance. This fun and energetic class is a great class to condition the body.


Hip Hop Dance Classes in Miami

Call us today at (786) 663-5573 to speak to one of our Hip Hop Dance Instructors to find out more about our Dance School and the various Dance Classes we have to offer at Creativo Dance Studio in Miami.