Miami is known as an adult hot spot, but it may come as a surprise to you that it is also very kid-friendly! Between the beaches, museums, and various outdoor activities there is definitely not a lack of activities that you and your kids can do while visiting Miami.

    The Miami Children’s Museum was designed to provoke creativity and inspire your children to explore and play to their heart’s content. Not only will they be having a great time, but they will also be learning as they go. This museum features kid-sized replicas of places such as banks and grocery stores to get their imagination going. You can’t say that as a child you wouldn’t have loved to play pretend in such an environment. The Miami Children’s Museum also prides themselves in teaching children about important topics such as health and wellness.

    The Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami is a kid hot spot for sure! What kid doesn’t like to interact with animals and take pictures with them? This is one of only a few zoos in Miami that allows children to interact with the animals. Definitely, a special spot to take your kids to while visiting Miami.

    Safari Adventure in Miami is also a kid hot-spot. This privately owned and funded rescue boasts having more than 120 species of animals that you and your kids will have the opportunity to interact with and even take photos with. If your kids couldn’t get enough of the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, taking them to Safari Adventure will most definitely give them their fill of wildlife interactions while visiting Miami.

    The Wynwood Walls are a free outdoor museum that is fun for the whole family. You and your kids will enjoy looking at dozens of murals that were created by world-renowned artists. This place is perfect for family photo ops as well as a great art experience that your kids will never forget.

    Who can go to Miami without taking a trip to the ocean? Crandon Park is a can’t-miss spot while visiting Miami with your children. Crandon Park is a sight to see, with its vast, spotless beaches and residential iguanas and other odd reptiles. Crandon Park is also known as one of the safest beaches to visit in the area. If you and your family are looking for a low key, fun day out together consider planning a picnic day at Crandon Park in Miami. While the adults relax and enjoy the sun and scenery, your kids will have plenty of space to run and play in, as well as endless nature to explore and interact with.

    Miami has countless hidden gems that are kid and family-friendly. When visiting Miami with the family, taking your kids to one of the many wildlife centers or outdoor attractions will make for an unforgettable trip for you and your kids!