It takes some effort to get your kids back into learning mode when school starts in the fall. Keep your kid in constant learning mode over the summer by signing them up for our dance summer camp. From June 10th-August 2nd, your kids can continue to stay engaged in fun, creative activities all summer long. Making the transition back into the school year all the more tolerable for everyone involved.

There are numerous benefits that come with sending your kid to a dance summer camp where they can enjoy fun, engaging activities during their off time from school. Meeting new friends, learning new skills, and making memories being among the top benefits your kid will get out of their experience.

After a long 9 months or so of going to school five days a week, your kids and you are ready for a break. Although, your kid’s idea of a break doesn’t include as much lounging and relaxing as your idea of it does. Children love to play and interact with others. They have tons of friends at school, but those friends won’t always be available to play over the summer. Our summer camp will allow them to grow their network of friends. This will allow your kids to interact with children who are maybe from different cultures or enjoy different, interesting hobbies that your child has never heard of before.


Our summer camp hosts a wide variety of activities to continually keep your child engaged throughout the summertime. Our hip hop classes here at Creativo in Miami, are an excellent way to keep your child physically active, as well as provide them with all of the other benefits that dancing has to offer. Hip hop isn’t the only type of dance class we offer, but what kid wouldn’t want to participate in such a fun, upbeat form of dance during the summer time? If dancing doesn’t pique your child’s interest just yet, there are plenty of other activities available for them to participate in. Activities such as arts and crafts and field trips to exciting locations in the area.

As adults, fun times that were had at summer camps tend to be among our fondest memories of childhood. Your child may not be getting the exact same experience that you had as a child, but that’s the beauty of it all. This is their opportunity to make their own happy memories. Here they will have the opportunity to create memories of all the new friends they’ve made and the new skills they may have learned. If your child participates in our hip-hop classes here in Miami, you and your child both will have the fond memory of the performance(s) they put on to demonstrate their new dance skills.

Enroll in Dance Summer Camp

Summer is a time for laughter and playing when you’re a child. By enrolling your child in our dance summer camp, they will experience both of these things and so much more. Don’t wait until all of our spots are filled up, enroll your child for our dance summer camp now. Give them the opportunity to make new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime.