Dance Competition Program

The Competition Team represents the school in Community Performances and participates in local and national competitions as a competitive team. In this program, students learned the value of community service through participation in performances and community events. Dancers learn the importance of teamwork, dedication, and commitment that is necessary to achieve their goals. What dancers take away from this program is the enrichment of family and hard work to create the perfect atmosphere for success.

  • Competition provides students the opportunity to overcome stage fright. 
  • Dancers learn to accept criticism as well as praise. This leads to improvements and makes dancers stronger.

  • Develop solid connections with their peers and school, as well as lifelong connections with mentors. 

  • Develop problem-solving skills. Dancers know how to think on their feet.

  • Stimulates dancers to become better since we would constantly evaluate their technique, creativity, and physical condition. This is a huge motivator for children to succeed.

  • Encourage students to do better in school and to display better behavior.