The Best Ballet Classes Miami Has to Offer

Creativo Dance Studio is your local Miami ballet school offering professional ballet classes for toddlers, children, teens, and adults. Our ballet dance instructors are among the best in Miami and have the experience and knowledge to teach from beginners to advanced ballet students.

Students will learn the basic ballet barre exercises and steps, along with new vocabulary in French. Additionally they’ll learn stretches technique, posture and classical music appreciation as well as an introduction to choreography and performance experience.  Students will continue the process of progressively learning ballet technique. The main focuses are learning posture, coordination, and challenging steps combinations, all together build on developing artistry and musical rhythm.

As the class progresses in levels, students will continue adding more challenging steps and their ballet technique will become stronger. Advanced classes are made up of more complex steps and more dynamics of changes, and directions. Participants will develop performance experience, as they are required to participate at the end of the year performance.

Ballet Dance Classes in Miami

This is the class parents and children have been looking for. Call us today at (305) 649-3018 to speak to one of our ballet dance instructors to find out more about our dance school and dance classes we have to offer at Creativo Dance Studio in Miami.